Benifuki to prevent hay fever!

A savior for those who suffer from hay fever!

It's that time of the year when many people are worried about getting warmer. Hay Fever! ! ! ! ! There seems to be a tendency to have less pollen this year... It's still hard.

In such a case, our storeBenifukiis!It's a convenient powder individual packaging type, and it's very convenient.

How to drink is easy ♪ One package is about 300mlHot boiling water (must be over 90℃)Dissolve and drink!

hot boiling waterby melting withmethylated catechinThe ingredients that relieve the symptoms of hay fever melt out.What a good compatibility! ! !You can feel the effects in just a few minutes.Every year, there are many customers who say, "I feel like my itching has subsided." "I no longer sneeze."

If you are interested, please try it!If you have a good relationship, it will be really easy!It's a tea, not a medicine, so it's a good place to drink it instead of your usual tea.

We are also handing out samples at the shop!By all means our shopBenifukiPlease try it.

We look forward to your visit of everyone.