To effectively drink Benifuki's methylated catechins!

About the much-talked-about tea "Benifuuki" -Yokohama Totsuka Shunpo Tea Garden-

In order to effectively drink the methylated catechins of Benifuuki!

Benifuuki, which contains a large amount of methylated catechin, which is effective against allergic symptoms such as hay fever, is a breed that was originally bred for black tea as explained in the previous section. It has to be green tea to get methylated catechins. When you drink it with tea leaves, unlike the general Yabukita variety, this tea has a very strong astringency.

Many tea bag products are also seen, but in order to extract methylated catechin from tea leaves, it is not extracted unless it is placed in hot water of 95 degrees or more for 3 minutes or more. If you put it in the wrong way, you will not be able to take the methylated catechin. Therefore, our Benifuki is made into a fine powder. Making it into a fine powder softens the astringency and makes it easier to drink. Also, since you can drink the whole tea leaves, you can take 100% of the methylated catechins contained in the tea leaves. In addition, you can drink all the other ingredients (vitamins, dietary fiber, etc.) contained in green tea. It has little astringency, so you can continue drinking it every day. It is not a medicine, so it is recommended for children and students without side effects!


Powdered powder is recommended to drink the ingredients of Benifuuki! It's a tea with a rich and unique flavor! !