How to choose delicious new tea Part 3

How to choose delicious new tea Part 3 "Yokohama Totsuka Shunpo Tea Garden"

*What determines the price of tea?

Another point to become a connoisseur of tea is the difference in quality due to the "difference in the date the tea was picked".

“Why is there a price range of 3,000 to 500 yen for the same type of tea from the same production area?”

The answer is, "It's the difference in the dates the tea was picked."

Tea is an agricultural product. It grows under the blessings of the sun and is harvested in two to three weeks around Hachijuhachiya, which is the best season. For the next two to three weeks, unless it rains, tea is picked every day, and nearly 50% of the annual harvest is harvested during this new tea season. And during this new tea season, tea markets are opened in both Shizuoka and Kagoshima. Farmers bring tea to this market and decide the price of tea every day. When tea leaves are first picked, they are very small and soft. As the plant grows older, the leaves become larger and stiffer. The softer the leaves, the more the tea leaves can bring out the full flavor of the tea leaves. However, since tea leaves are alive, they cannot maintain their "softness". And the tea leaves are small, so the yield is small. So the tea that has just started to be picked is very expensive. During the tea harvesting season, tea is picked every day while observing the balance between softness, yield, and weather. This leads to the price difference of tea.