How to choose delicious new tea Part XNUMX

How to choose delicious new tea Part XNUMX

"Now is the season, let's be a connoisseur of tea"

 Because it is a familiar Japanese tea, it is often not known unexpectedly.What criteria do you use when purchasing tea from a tea shop, supermarket, or mail order?Let me tell you a little bit about tea so that you can quickly find your favorite new tea.

1. First of all, what is new tea?

 From mid-April to early May, when cherry blossoms arrive from all over the country and the season is about to begin, tea plantations across the country are bathed in abundant sunlight, and new tea leaves sprout all at once.

Just as there is a song called ``Chatsumi,'' which says ``Summer is approaching, the XNUMXth night,'' the eighty-eighth day after the first day of spring is called ``XNUMXth night.'' It will be the time of "season".

Tea picked during this period (approximately two to three weeks from mid-April in Kagoshima, from around April XNUMX to around May XNUMX in Shizuoka, depending on the weather of the year) is called shincha. (Ichibancha)", this tea will be stored and sold for one year.Some of our customers say, ``New tea has only a scent and no taste.This is because more than XNUMX% of the annual tea is picked during this new tea season, and tea shops sell it throughout the year.In other words, the new tea season is when the tea is the freshest.Freshness is very important for tea, just like meat and fish.Please drink fresh new tea in the new tea season.

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