Are you drinking Benifuuki?

To all hay fever sufferers, pollen season has come again this year ^^;

What kind of hay fever measures do you all take?

Among the top ten best-selling pollen-related products in 2008 by a major health-related product distribution company, Benifuuki was ranked 4th.

By the way, 1st place is "mask", 2nd place is "lactic acid bacteria", and 3rd place is "nasal cavity irrigator".

Our store also started selling Benifuki last year, and it has been very well received by our customers.

Therefore, we will teach you the points to effectively drink our Benifuki.

before that···

According to the announcement of the vegetable tea industry research institute, when drinking Benifuuki with leaves such as tea bags, it is necessary to boil it for more than 5 minutes.

Because methylated catechins are deep inside the cell,

This is because it does not easily dissolve in hot water.

About 70% of the total content contained in tea leaves dissolves in hot water after boiling for 5 minutes or more.

It was announced that the extraction rate is about 49% when steeped in hot water for 5 minutes, about 19% when steeped for 1 minute, and about 14% when steeped in cold water for 16 hours, just like regular tea.

Therefore, we recommend Benifuki Powder, which is easy to drink and can be taken whole.

The daily intake of methylated catechins required to alleviate symptoms such as hay fever is 34 mg.

The content of 1g of Benifuuki powder in our store is 20mg.

If you take 2 packs a day, it will exceed 34 mg, so if you take 2 to 3 packs,

You can expect good results.

Point here!

Even if it is a powder, it is meaningless if the methylated catechin is not absorbed into the body.

Be sure to dissolve it in hot water, let it mix well with hot water for about 3 minutes,

Please drink when it is ready to drink.

Even if you drink cold tea, put it in hot water for about 3 minutes before adding ice or cold water.

Dissolving the ingredients in hot water makes them easier to absorb into the body.

Let's get through this spring with a refreshing drink! !

Staff Sano