spring herb

Plum blossoms are beginning to bloom here and there, but the cold days continue.

It seems that spring is approaching little by little.

Plum trees are said to have been introduced from China during the Nara period.

Cherry blossoms are the main cherry blossom viewing event today, but plum blossoms were enjoyed during the Nara period.

In ancient times, plums were often written in poems such as the Manyoshu, such as Kobunboku and Harutsugegusa.

He had many nicknames and was loved by many people.

Under the cold sky, when I see plump and pure plum blossoms with strong and dignified branches

It makes me very happy.

It is the time when plum festivals are held in various places.

While taking a walk under the plum blossoms in full bloom on a clear sunny day

Enjoying hot tea is one of the ways to enjoy this season.