Enjoy tea like wine

November 18th is the opening day of Beaujolais Nouveau. French wine regions

The season for new red wines shipped in the Beaujolais area is similar to the season for new tea in May.

Both tea and grapes, which are the raw material for wine, are agricultural products, so they are cultivated according to the harvest year and variety.

Natural conditions such as the climate, soil, and topography of the land make a big difference in quality.

When it comes to wine, we often hear the term “vintage wine”.

When we hear the word “vintage” today, we tend to conjure up images of things that are vintage and have rarity value.

The original meaning is the process from harvesting grapes to bottling through brewing in the world of wine.

It seems that he was expressing In Japanese tea, tencha made in spring is aged and sealed in autumn.

"Autumn kuradashi tea" is known as a tea that matures like vintage wine and increases its flavor.

Shunpo Tea Garden's tea leaves are marked with the picking date.

During this year's new tea season, a customer came to the store saying, "I want to give my friend a tea that was picked on the same day as their birthday."

There you are. "I see! It's a way to choose because it's tea from Shunpo tea garden."

It left an impression on me. In the future, Japanese tea can be stored for a long period of time like wine.

When the taste of maturing becomes highly valued, choose tea by harvest year like wine

What an era may come! ! While thinking about the future of tea

Today is also a break, and a sigh of relief...