Hatsugama of Edosenke Iemoto

On January 13th, I was blessed with a precious opportunity to visit the head of the Edo Senke family.
(From Shufunotomosha Edo Senke Kawakami Shizutsu Tea Ceremony Textbook)
At Edosenke, Fuhaku Kawakami was ordered by Nyoshinsai Tennen Soza of Omotesenke to spread a new type of tea.
This style was founded by Fuhaku Kawakami, who went down to Edo.
I can't comment because I'm still very inexperienced, but
It was a Hatsugama as the founder of the school, Fuhaku Kakuho, said, "The guest helps the host, and the host helps the guest."
A tea party where everyone can feel the warmth of their hearts and congratulations
I had a really valuable experience.
Thank you very much for all your connections!