Would you like to start a new tea life with fresh tea?


This is iwami from the staff! Today is the beginning of a wonderful tea life

We would like to introduce you to the perfect set!

I think there are a lot of people who are starting a new life in spring!

Take a break from your exciting days... how about adding some tea?

At our shop, we are currently accepting reservations for fresh tea.

Most recommended

"Takumi no Ama & Chacha Teapot Set" 1296 yen including tax

How do you like it?

It's a stylish glass teapot with tea strainer mesh, so it looks beautiful.

If you remove the tea strainer, you can use it with tea bags etc., so you can enjoy various teas.

The heat-resistant glass makes it safe to use even in hot water.

And this set also comes with 30g of popular fresh tea, so you can enjoy fresh tea right away!

This is a reservation-only product, so please take this opportunity! !