Chacha Chocolate and Benifuki! !

The cold days are continuing, but how are you doing?

It is a notice of the release of the new product! ! 

Chacha Chocolate and Benifuki! !

First of all, for Valentine's Day, have a luxurious cup of tea

"Chacha Chocolate" used for! !

Using plenty of tea in the chocolate inside,

Choreographed high quality matcha for tea ceremony.

It will make a rich, creamy chocolate.

It will be on sale for a limited time.

Would you like one for Valentine's Day?

Another recommended item for the season of hay fever is "Benifuuki"! !

"Benifuuki" from Shunpo Tea Garden uses 100% Benifuki from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Benifuki contains methylated catechins, and due to its high content, it is in the spotlight.

However, the production volume is small, and among them, the high quality Shizuoka prefecture is extremely limited,

It takes several years to pick enough tea leaves.

Benifuki from Shizuoka Prefecture is considered to be a rare and rare tea.

Shunpo Tea Garden's "Benifuuki" is made so that you can take in 100% of the precious benifuuki whole.

It is powdered green tea powder.

"Benifuuki" will be released soon! !

I also have hay fever, so I think I'll try this "Benifuuki"! ! Staff Sano