Candle Night & Omusubi Event

Thank you for always using Shunpo tea garden!

Summer is slowly approaching, and it's the season when cold brew cold tea "Hamakaze", momidashi strong tea bags, and organic barley tea are welcomed! !

Even in the summer, delicious tea will nourish your soul! (smile)

By the way, on June 19th, there was a candle night at Zenryoji Temple at the east exit of Totsuka.

(It's over, but here 's the content)

I regret it very much, but I should have announced it earlier...I'm sorry.

It was a great event for local people!

If there is such an event, we will let you know, so please join us! !

Also, today, a candle night will be held under Taiyo Construction 's head office building.

You can drink our tea, so please drop by.

As soon as possible, on June 27, at Totsuka Elementary School, with the thought of "Let's connect people"

An event will be held to eat "Omusubi"!

70th Anniversary Volunteer/Citizen Activity Exchange Event

"The 3rd Totsuka Omusubi Forum -Let's get together! Let's talk! A knot ring! ~』

We have decided to participate in the event, so please come by all means!

On the day of the event, we are planning to hold a “Shunho Tea Garden ○○○ Yen Shop”! Please look forward to it! !

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