Benifuuki is a big response! !

Shunpo Tea Garden's "Benifuuki" has been on sale since February.

It's selling at a tremendous speed, probably because the amount of pollen scattering has increased suddenly in the last few days! !

I got a postcard like this at the shop too!

"Benifuuki, I drank 15P.

As of 3/9, I'm getting through to the extent that the first dimension is ugly.

Is it the effect of Benifuki? It seems to be a different person from "runny nose Talari" three years ago.

I plan to drink Benifuuki again next year. Mr. KM


“Thanks to taking Benifuuki, I haven’t taken any medicine yet this year. Woman in her 40s

“Since I started taking Benifuuki, I’ve been able to live comfortably. Women in their twenties

“There is a difference between drinking and not drinking. It is very helpful. Men in their 30s

“I go out for a walk every week, but in this season I wear a mask and sunglasses to protect myself completely.

Drinking Benifuuki makes it easier to walk, so it has become indispensable for walking. 50's couple

“Three years ago, I suddenly started sneezing and having a runny nose. When I learned that I had hay fever, I took Benifuki and my sneezing and runny nose stopped. When I have symptoms of hay fever, I take Benifuki. 60's man

“I went to work and said, 'I have a lot of pollen today,' and he suggested, 'Drink this. Shortly after drinking, my runny nose stopped and my nose cleared up! I'm happy that there is no problem with my work! Woman in her 30's

"That's surprising! No more itchy eyes! I hated going out this season and was depressed at home. Thanks to Benifuuki, the pain of going out is gone! Woman in her fifties

I really listen to the voice of joy!

Some customers even buy 10P at a time, saying, "I'll be in trouble if they sell out!"

Also, surprisingly, a doctor of internal medicine said, "This seems to suit me."

I myself have a severe hay fever, but I like to drink a cup of "Benifuuki" as soon as I get to work in the morning.

It's become a habit.

I try to drink it as soon as I feel that my nose is getting a little runny during work.

I'm really surprised that just drinking it will stop the runny nose and make it easier! !

To be honest, before I started drinking, I was like, "Is this really going to work?"

I thought (laughs)

I'm going to drink "Benifuuki" this spring and get through it! ! !