Benifuuki is still on sale! !

Shunpo Tea Garden's "Benifuuki" was temporarily out of stock, and I was nervous,

We managed to secure the quantity, and it is still on sale very popular! !

We received the following comments from customers who drank Benifuuki!

“I heard that Benifuuki is effective for hay fever, so I started taking it.

I used to suffer from itchy eyes and runny nose every year.

I feel like my symptoms have eased.

Unlike medicine, tea is something you drink every day, so you can have it without resistance.

Drink one bag in the morning and you will have an easy day. ? Junko Hashi

Just a little while ago, a customer who said, "If you take this, you don't have to take medicine," bought Benifuuki in bulk.

Did the amount of scattering decrease slightly? I feel it, but the pollen season continues.

If you suffer from hay fever, please try Shunpo Tea Garden Benifuuki! ! Staff Sano