"Ichiban Kiln Dashi Baked Potato" is sold out!

It was sold for a limited time according to the Mid-Autumn Festival (9/12).

"Ichiban kamadashi baked sweet potato" was sold out due to its popularity.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback.

But... the festival continues!

The autumn theme of Shunpo Tea Garden is two moon viewings.

Another moon viewing,

Chestnut sweets "Hokkuri" will be on sale from September 28th in conjunction with the 13th night (10/9).

This is also a limited sale, so please take care of it!

There is also a limited tea of ​​"Saju" to celebrate the aged at the festival of Chaju

There are only a few left, so please take this opportunity to try it.

On a side note... I'm so excited! Big news! !

Yesterday, our staff and their daughter were at the Totsuka Ward Office near our head office.

I met Yukari Onga of Nadeshiko Japan.

His daughter shook hands with him, and he said it was a wonderful experience.

It seems that people who are very shining and who are working hard are still beautiful! !

I thought it was great to have news locally to cheer me up.