Get back to basics! !

It was getting colder day by day, and it felt like the wind was blowing against my skin.

The Sakuras Totsuka store 1st anniversary festival ended successfully,

Many customers visited us.

And when the customers drink the tea and make a purchase,

We had many opportunities to talk.

So I guess I'm telling my customers what I've studied for the past year! ?

I thought, let's go back to the beginning and review it again.

At Shunho Chaen, we have a "creativity" that cannot be found in other shops.

The first is the tea leaf picking day.

The value of tea leaves is that the earlier they are picked, the softer the tea leaves become.

Valuable and scarce value.

As it gets bigger, the value goes down and the price goes down.

That's why Shunpo Tea Garden's tea is labeled with the date of picking.

And in order to make the best use of the tender new shoots, we seek the taste of real tea,

Without worrying about the appearance, we arrived at "Fukamushicha", which is steamed so soft that it collapses.

The second is “cold storage”.

Green tea deteriorates due to light, temperature and humidity.

At Shunpo Tea Garden, we strive to deliver green tea that is as fresh as possible to everyone with peace of mind.

We are also doing ′′ low temperature storage ′′ at the store.

We recommend that customers consume the product as soon as possible after opening.

I have many other thoughts on this.

From now on, we will continue to make our customers happy with "Don't forget your original intention!"

I would like to convey it with sincerity.