sudden autumn rain

The weather was mild this morning...

When I was outside, I was hit by a sudden heavy rain (sweat)

The weather forecast said it would rain in the afternoon, but of course I didn't expect rain.

I didn't have anything prepared, so I came back from the company parking lot to the store wet!

(Preparation is important for anything! Preparation is 80%!! (laughs))

At Shunpo Chaen, we have also announced on our website,

We supply commercial tea bags.

Thanks to you, we have received orders from many hospitals and welfare facilities.

I have been there.

Today's course passed through Sakae Ward and went around Kamakura and Fujisawa.

Unlike driving for fun, it's natural to drive for work, but it's hard (laughs)

I'm on my way home from delivering tea to a hospital. With the hospital staff there in the elevator

We are together.

It seemed that the person had already finished work and was on the elevator to go home.

I don't know if he was in the locker or the office, but he seemed to have forgotten his umbrella.

When I replied, "It was raining quite a bit," he said with a laugh, "That's right," and got off the elevator.

Of course, it's the first time we meet.

I had no intention of having an important conversation with him.

We exchanged only a few words.

But that alone made me feel calm.

It's really a trivial thing, but just such a trivial thing, just by exchanging words with a smile

I thought it would change my mind. Shunpo Tea Garden Sano