Beware of out of stock!

Here in Totsuka, Yokohama, it's back to winter today

It's been raining cold since the morning, but how are you all doing?

Kagoshima prefecture radish special product "Gyokuro-zukuri Saemidori" that arrived the other day is very popular!

I introduced this "Gyokuro-zukuri Saemidori" the other day,

One of the characteristics of Kagoshima Prefecture 's cultivation method is "Kabuse".

I also drank it, but it's a really delicious tea that you can enjoy the unique sweetness and beautiful light blue color!

There are only a few left, so please purchase as soon as possible!

Also, since it is a transitional period before new tea leaves are harvested, how many teas have already been produced in 2009?

We are out of stock.

We apologize for the out of stock items, but the 2010 production

Please wait until the new tea arrives.

Staff Sano