About Kissako at the head office

On the innermost wall in front of the head office,

Did you know that there is a plaque that says “Kissako”?

This is one of the "Zen words" that condense the teachings of Zen into short phrases.

In the latter half of the 15th century, a man named Juko Murata, who is said to be the founder of the tea ceremony,

Created the foundation of tea ceremony based on Zen thought, and the spirit of it became Sen no Rikyu.

It is inherited, but partly because of this trend, tea and Zen language have a deep relationship.

At tea parties such as matcha and sencha, various Zen words are displayed.

By the way, the meaning of “Kissako” is that “Kissa” means drinking tea,

"Kaku" means "go" instead of leaving,

It means something like "Well, let's go have some tea."

In addition, the everyday act of drinking tea,

In the midst of such daily occurrences,

In fact, it seems that there is a hidden meaning that there is a real truth.

Tea is the spirit of harmony itself, and the spirit of harmony is the heart of compassion.

"The heart of compassion" may be the real truth for people in everyday life.

From now on, the autumn air will gradually change,
It will be a delicious season for warm tea that is carefully brewed in a teapot.
Why don't you spend some time quietly and calmly drinking a cup of tea?