About Benifuuki -Yokohama Totsuka- Shunpo Tea Garden

About Benifuuki -Yokohama Totsuka- Shunpo Tea Garden

We are currently receiving a large number of inquiries about Benifuuki.

I have introduced it in detail in the "Tea Story to Know and Gain" in this blog before.

Please take a look.


(Detailed explanation No. 5, "Recommended ways to drink Benifuuki, is displayed at the top. For details on how to drink Benifuuki, see Part 1, "Benifuuki? What is methylated catechin?" Please)

The following is a brief introduction to Benifuuki at Shunho Tea Garden.

Shunpo Tea Garden Benifukiha

Shizuoka production farmer's original product

Benifuuki 1g x 15P included! !

Our Benifuuki powder contains 1g per packet, no blends and no additives.

We are particular about 100% Benifuuki powder.

Shunpo Tea Garden Benifuuki

1. 100% from Shizuoka Prefecture

2. Benifuuki 100% (no multi-variety blend)

3. 100% tea leaves (no additives)

4. 1g pack full of 1 pack

Please try it once! Benifuuki also has quality differences! !