Japanese Danran was born!

Today is the end of November. The days are getting shorter and darker and faster.

The weather continues to be nice, but the wind is getting colder.

The other day, on a sunny afternoon, I saw two slightly older women shopping.

It is the most popular at Shunpo tea garden for the customers,

When I served tea and sweets called "Hitotoki", which is perfect for everyday drinking and gifts,

He said, "It's very delicious," and bought it.

While sitting on a chair and slowly drinking tea and eating sweets

I saw three people who had finished their errands.

"Please have some tea," I said, offering tea and sweets.

The inside of the shop became gorgeous with the five women, and flowers bloomed in chatter.

It looks like you had a great time.

All of them said, "It's a very delicious tea."

And one of our customers asked us to make delicious hand-rolled sushi with grilled seaweed,

For another customer, a glass teapot for drinking hojicha,

and another customer

Enman Senbei Soy Sauce Flavored with 100% Niigata Koshihikari Rice

I bought 2 bags of sesame flavor.

When I left, everyone smiled and said, "Thank you for the meal, it was very delicious."

I, who sent these five women,

I felt very happy and warm in my heart that the tea I served brought a smile to my face.

And when you always say, "It's always delicious," it puts a smile on my face.

We will continue to serve delicious tea and sweets at Shunpo Tea Garden.

I would like to try to prepare it so that you can go home with a smile

We are thinking about it, so please drop by.