Introducing a new trial set! !

The refreshing autumn weather continues, but how are you all doing?

Our 30th anniversary thanksgiving is over, and we are ready to sell the next year-end gift and New Year's greetings products.

It is being planned mainly by Mr. Goto.

It's been a warm day lately, but if you notice it, it's already the second half of October.

It's already a little bit more this year.

On a personal note, it's been almost two years since I joined Shunpo Chaen.

Time goes by really fast...

Although story changes,

Shunho Tea Garden's "New Trial Set" is finally back on sale!

The contents of the set are

・Shunpo Tea Garden's No. 1 Popularity "Hitotoki" 30g

・20g of “Yokohama Roasted Hojicha” using carefully selected top stems from Shunpo Tea Garden.

For those of you who are reading this blog,

If you have never tried Shunpo tea garden tea,

If you want to try and see what it tastes like,

For those who are a little afraid to buy a lot of tea with no taste,

By all means, please try to taste the tea of ​​Shunho Tea Garden with this "New Trial Set".

You should be able to understand the characteristics of the tea of ​​Shunho tea garden well.

The "New Trial Set", which has been on sale this time, includes the above two types of tea for 105 yen including tax.


However, please note that it will be a one-time only sale per person.

Shunpo Tea Garden Sano