Have a cup of tea and get together! !

In December, the mornings and evenings are noticeably cold, but the days are sunny and warm.

The other day, on such a fine day, at Sakuras Totsuka

An elderly couple saying "I came here for the first time"

We stopped in front of Shunpo tea garden and said, ``There is a tea shop here too.''

So, "Shunpo Chaen on Kuyakusho-dori is the main store, and this is the second store in Sakuras Totsuka."

"It's my 33rd year in Totsuka!"

I had some tea.

the two of you

“I often go to the head office to buy tea, and I enjoy listening to various stories about tea from the president.”

"But these days, we don't go out very often, so after a long time, the two of us went out and came here."

And recently, I've been drinking tea bags that can be easily poured with hot water. He said.

Like this at the head office, there are many couples and families at the Sakuras store.

Also, when I had a female customer in her 30s drink tea today,

"The tea I bought the other day was delicious, but today's is also very good."


"I didn't drink much tea before I moved here,

When I moved to Totsuka, I was given this tea,

He explained various things such as the temperature of the water, and I met delicious tea,

Both my husband and I enjoy drinking it. ” was also said.

That's why Japanese tea is indispensable for family reunion, surrounded by a table

A smile appeared in front of me, and I was really happy when I heard that story.

I was truly glad that I worked at Shunpo Chaen, and I was keenly aware of the importance of having conversations with customers.

We will continue to have more conversations with our customers.

And I would like to take care of my smile and serve.