Hachijuhachiya Tsutsumi tea packs are very popular!

From this year's new tea special reservation sale, the new product "Hachijuhachiya Tsutsumi Tea Pack" has been very well received! !

Even after the pre-order sales ended, I was asked, “I got this from a friend, which tea? ? We have a lot of customers saying, "Please sell it even if it's higher than the reservation price!" !

Of course, the tea leaves carefully selected by Shunpo Tea Garden are used as raw materials for tea bags, so naturally they are delicious! (smile)

We also received this kind of customer's voice about "Hachijuhachiya Tsutsumi Tea Pack"! !

“When I went to the store for the first time, the manager and other people in the store

I thought it felt really good.

I've been drinking various kinds of tea bags, but Hachijuhachiya's tea bags are the best.

In the future, I would like to buy tea from Shunho Tea Garden.

Please continue to do your best. ” Kiyoko Sato

There was Kai who carefully selected and made really delicious tea! ! I also drank it, but it was really strong and delicious tea! ! I will continue to make tea that everyone will be happy with! ! Staff Sano