Warm up with yuzu Japanese black tea on a cold day!

Hello everyone.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, the cold was severe, and today it looks like it will rain or snow in the evening.

If the cold weather continues, your body will become stiff and you will feel more tired than usual.

In such a case, we recommend Shunpo Cafe's yuzu Japanese black tea.

Yuzu Japanese Black Tea, which uses yuzu tea in premium Japanese black tea from Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, is a perfect match with the scent of yuzu and a faint sweetness in an easy-to-drink black tea with little bitterness or astringency.

It is said that yuzu is good for improving blood circulation, warming the body, recovering from fatigue, and preventing colds.

If you like it, we sell "Premium Japanese Black Tea" , so why not try it at home (yuzu is not included).

The photo is "Premium Japanese black tea tea bag" .