Let's all have a delicious new year!

3 days left this year, including today's 29th!

The limited “Fukutsutsumi” set and green tea with gold leaf “Haku no Hana” are sold out online.

As a popular New Year's product,

The most popular item is the Zodiac New Year's greeting card included in the drinking comparison set from the three major production areas!

In addition, "Zodiac New Year's greetings chacha cookie" with wrapping paper of Zodiac New Year's greetings


We are also pleased with the limited "excellent lucky bag"! !

We will be open until the 31st and will start on the 2nd.
Regarding delivery, it may not arrive immediately because the luggage is crowded.
Please note that it will take time and order early to deliver New Year's greetings.

There are only a few limited items, but we will make New Year's greetings freely according to customer's request, so please do not hesitate to contact us!