Please enjoy delicious Japanese tea at the founding festival!

Were you all okay with the heavy rain last weekend?

There was a lot of damage in Shizuoka this time, and there was also damage to tea producers with whom we have a relationship.
We believe that our contribution to the tea industry is to procure delicious Japanese tea from producers with whom we have a good relationship and deliver it to our customers.

“Increase your love for Japanese tea”
From there, "Tea bags are fine, so you can enjoy Japanese tea at home with 'tea leaves'."
"People who can enjoy a wonderful tea time with tea leaves using teapots and pots"
We will contribute to the tea industry by increasing

Today, we also presented the popular “Hitotoki Tea Bag” to many customers.

From among them, I will do my best every day to increase the number of customers who say, "I have come to like Japanese tea!" !

We hope that you will experience the wonderful charm of Japanese tea in various forms such as matcha ice cream, tea bags, and limited tea at this founding festival.

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