For homecoming souvenirs! Summer limited sweets! "Shonan Gold Jelly"

Summer vacation is finally here!

Some of our friends have plans to visit their hometowns or visit graves during the Obon period. Take care and have a wonderful summer vacation.

Introduced on Instagram Live the other day
"Summer limited set until August!" , but customers who saw Instagram and LINE purchased souvenirs for Obon and summer gifts!

Limited product, limited price! It is a set that includes two limitations! It is scheduled to go on sale at the end of August, but when the summer-limited products are sold out, this set will also be sold out! We recommend ordering early! !

Customers who used this set as a summer gift used "Kanagawa PAY" for payment because "Kanagawa PAY" just started on July 19th.
* Click here for details of Kanagawa PAY

For a limited time only, if you use Kanagawa PAY, you will get a 20% refund, so it will be a great bargain!

"Shonan Gold Jelly" and "Summer limited set" are recommended as souvenirs for homecoming and summer gifts! !

Please use all means! !

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