Today, we will do an Instagram live from 20:00! !

ladies and gentlemen! We will be doing an Instagram live today from 20:00! !
As for the contents, we will introduce the contents of the "Summer Limited Special Set" in the posted photo! !

Summer popular "Hamakaze tea bag" and popular sweets and sweets limited to summer
We will start selling from July 15th today at a special price ! !


You can only taste it at our garden in Totsuka, Yokohama! !
A set of summer popular gems and popular sweets!

・"Hamakaze tea bag" 5g tetra tea bag x 10 pieces
Recommended tea bag with strong flavor even when brewed with cold water

・10 pieces of “Chacha Cookie”
A cookie with lots of Shizuoka green tea leaves!

・"Chacha Duck Brewers" contains 3 sticky tea duck brews made with rice flour and green tea!
Click here for box of 6

・3 pieces of “Shonan Gold Jelly” Purunpurun texture and refreshing sweetness and sourness!
Click here for box of 6

・"Domestic anmitsu set" 2 pieces
Click here for a box of 3

On Instagram live, we will introduce how to make cold brew green tea "Hamakaze tea bag", how to enjoy it, and this summer-only sweet that goes well with this "Hamakaze tea bag"! !

Please take a look! !

Please upload to SNS with the hashtag #Shunhochaen! !

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