The fun of tasting various teas to your liking!

Today, we start with matcha!

Goto has a "chaji" in June, so I have to practice hard.

I am studying the Urasenke tea ceremony, and the tea ceremony is a tea ceremony that starts with charcoal and tastes tea kaiseki, strong tea, and thin tea. The real pleasure of the tea ceremony lies in the "tea ceremony", and I believe that we practice in order to enjoy the tea ceremony.

From delicious tea kaiseki to strong tea to light tea, the “tea ceremony” is a conversation between the host and the guest, and the season, weather and spirit of the day to enjoy the space.

You can have a "tea ceremony" with a small bento box and tea.
I want to become a “tea master” who can casually participate in “tea ceremony”!

Well, today, I took a video of the No. 1 popular "Tokumushicha Hitotoki", so I'll introduce it to you!

Here are some basic guidelines for enjoying a delicious “moment”:
・About 5g of tea leaves
・200ml hot water per time
・Temperature of hot water is 80℃~90℃

As you can see in the video, the recommended method at our garden is to lightly turn the teapot to extract the tea.

It's different from the method recommended by Japanese tea instructors, but since we carefully select high-quality tea leaves, we recommend turning the teapot lightly to make the tea stronger, so you can fully enjoy the characteristics of the tea!

If you like the taste of tea, you can make it stronger and you can taste it deliciously.

"Hitotoki" is a popular tea from Shizuoka that is included in the set of drinking comparison of three major production areas that is very popular now!

The drinking comparison set will be a set of 3 popular teas at our garden!

As this product is compatible with mail delivery, it will be delivered nationwide for 220 yen including tax! !

Please enjoy the limited set only now! !

Recommended new tea in 2022

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