It is supported and kept alive by many customers! !

At our garden, we are working on catalog production and new projects for the 2022 new tea!

Our job is to deliver "taste" and "peace of mind" to our customers through Japanese tea, and to accumulate originality and ingenuity to make them happy.

For that reason, we ask for customer feedback (reviews on the web) both in stores and online.

The reason we ask for customer feedback is because we want to create a service that will please our customers.

We will introduce the voices of customers who have been before and the voices of recent customers!


From MT

“Because of the influence of my father, who was from a tea house, I grew up drinking high-quality tea that my grandmother sent me every day.

After getting married, I couldn't find tea leaves that I was satisfied with, and after my grandmother passed away, I had no way to get the usual tea, and even the habit of drinking tea was beginning to fade. Missing the refreshing feeling, I started looking for tea leaves again and came across Shunpo Tea Garden's tea.

Since my child is small, I don't have the courage to enter the store, so I usually pass by the tea shop. When I dared to take a peek, I was treated to tea and sweets.

We also liked Taikoban, which we bought half-expected because it was so cheap, and now it is indispensable for our daily drinking.

We look forward to serving you delicious tea.


◎ Dear MM, Thank you very much for your heartwarming message!

Through stories like this, many people have come to know about our garden and become our customers.
There are various types of Japanese tea depending on the production area and producer, and customers and tastes also vary. Under such circumstances, I am truly grateful that you like our "Taikoban"!
"Taikoban" is a deep-steamed green tea that is typical of Kakegawa, Shizuoka.

As for the name itself, a customer told me, "This tea is delicious!" !
I will continue to devote myself to delivering tea that pleases me in the future! !
Thank you very much for this time! !

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