[A quick break before going home]

Hello everyone

It looks like Yokohama will be able to manage without snow in the morning.

Best of all, there is no traffic confusion in the morning.

I hope it doesn't rain all night like this...

Yesterday, it seems that there were many people who bought in bulk at the supermarket in preparation for today, but today, unexpectedly, everyone is coming to shop.

If you are visiting Totsuka, please drop in at Shunpo Cafe on your way home from shopping.

The "Hojicha Soy Latte", which uses hojicha roasted at the store, is sure to warm your cold body.

Because it uses sugar and soy milk, the faint sweetness will soothe your tired body from the cold.

The Shunpou Café is open until 6:30pm, so how about going after shopping?

#Shunho Tea Garden #Turn on the Shunpou Cafe
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