[About Shizuoka Makinohara Covered Tea Tsuyu Hikari]

[About Shizuoka Makinohara Covered Tea Tsuyu Hikari]

This time, we would like to introduce “Shizuoka Makinohara Kabusecha Tsuyuhikari”, which will be introduced at the foundation festival for the first time!

"Kabusecha Tsuyuhikari" is one of the new varieties created by crossing the Shizu 7132 variety and the Asatsuyu variety.

The color of the tea is bright and beautiful, and it is a variety with a unique aroma and sweetness. This tea is produced by covering the tea plantation with a cover like matcha or gyokuro, creating a brighter green and sweetness without bitterness! !

I have a feeling that this Tsuyuhikari from Makino, Shizuoka will become a popular variety of the next generation! (smile)

If it's grapes, it's like "Shine Muscat"!


Tsuyu Hikari is "Beautiful Shine" (subtle naming)

What a recommended breed! ! (It's really delicious!)

Please try it at the founding festival! !

[Shizuoka Makino origin cover tea Tsuyu Hikari]

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