[The splendor of a teapot as the beauty of use How to enjoy delicious tea]

[ The splendor of a teapot as the beauty of use How to enjoy delicious tea]

As an important point to enjoy Japanese tea deliciously

Choosing the right teapot/pot for brewing delicious Japanese tea is actually an important point.

In conclusion, if you have this teapot, it's OK!

Red mud https://syunpou.com/?pid=77129357

Black mud https://syunpou.com/?pid=151525809 (I use this one!)

If this is the case, the story will end, and you will think that you just want to sell it (laughs) ...

So I will tell you why I recommend this teapot.

1. You can drink delicious tea from our garden or from other tea shops.

2 Recently, when I bought a stylish, simple and modern pot with a new stainless steel filter, I was really disappointed because I couldn't extract delicious tea (T_T)

3. The important point is that the mesh reaches as deep as possible at the bottom of the teapot and pot, and the accuracy of the lid alignment is high.

There are still a lot of details to talk about, but I don't want to have many teapots and pots at home. I don't want to fail. I don't want to stain the sink with used tea leaves. And I would like to recommend this to customers who want to extract the deliciousness of tea firmly!

And what I wanted to say is, "The teapot that can make really delicious Japanese tea is the teapot that has the beauty of use!"

During the founding festival period, the teapot is a bargain! !