The 2015 Cold Tea/Cold Tea Gift Campaign is now very popular! !

Summer 2015 Campaign
Although it will be taken home at the store, we are holding a summer cold tea and cold tea gift campaign that is very popular every year! !

On July 1st, NHK "Tameshite Gatten" will introduce health ingredients that can be obtained from "cold tea" and "cold tea"! !

Originally, Japanese tea has a history of being drunk as a medicine.
Drinking familiar Japanese tea with leaves is very good for your health and more economical than plastic bottles! !
Please take this opportunity to get a stylish and easy-to-use glass pot with a gift campaign.
Enjoy delicious Japanese tea even in summer! !
PS: The gift campaign will be a store plan.
In the case of shipping, it will be shipped for a shipping fee of 540 yen.
Regarding presents, we will accept one gift per case (house).
Thank you for your understanding.