2009 new tea special reservation sales information

"I want you to drink real delicious tea"

Our commitment to our customers has not changed since our founding...

In order to have the most delicious new tea for customers in the new tea season when Japanese tea shines the most

We will be holding a special reservation sale for new tea again this year.

"Tea is an agricultural product."

Even in the fields of the same farmer, the quality varies greatly depending on the weather and climatic conditions of the year.

First of all, in order for everyone to drink the quality and quality of this year's tea, and to gain peace of mind and trust.

At Shunpo Tea Garden, we have a special reservation sale for new tea during the season when the new tea is the most delicious.

Please enjoy the "deliciousness" of carefully selected Japanese tea that cannot be tasted directly from the farm.Farm price

Please try it.



Reservation period: From Sunday, March 1 to Monday, April 20

Please apply on the new tea special reservation sales page. (Click the banner above)