When do you want to drink delicious Japanese tea?

When the commercial of the green tea plastic bottle flows refreshingly, when you think "it looks delicious", or when you get a delicious Daifuku, "Well, Japanese tea is still good to taste this Daifuku. When you decide to say, or after a long time, you've been with your parents and grandparents, and it's the moment you drink tea together with "Is it a genki? Well, let's drink tea."

In various scenes, I think there are scenes and moments that think "Japanese tea is delicious."

The common story of our customers is that when my daughter comes back, I will return to most Japanese tea in my house ... " More (happy)

It is the harsh reality that it is not just such a blessed environment.

And when you want to drink delicious Japanese tea, there are many things that say, "There is no teapot or pot. I don't know how to put it in ..."
And many people are satisfied with plastic bottles (sorry ...)

The urge to drink delicious Japanese tea

"When you find a cool person or a cute person"
"When you meet wonderful movies and music"
"When I was impressed by seeing a beautiful starry sky and sunset"

I want you to consider it as an emotion that is as important! ! (smile)

And why don't you start with a tea bag without thinking hard?

That is the first step where you can easily taste wonderful and delicious tea for everyone from our garden!

↓ There is also a video of how to put it in!
If it is our teaback, you can taste delicious Japanese tea if you put hot water and put it in dark eyes!

From "Shunpo Chain's Tea Bag List Collection"
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