Fresh tea Q&A

What is Shunpo Tea Garden? We manufacture and sell specially made original fresh tea <!--nl--><!--nl-->, which is produced by tasting carefully selected tea leaves more than 300 times around the country. [Kanagawa Prefecture Excellent Retail Store Award Winner] Click here for a list of popular new teas

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Production area tasting set

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Yutakamidori from Kagoshima Magokoro from Shizuoka Yame no Hoshi from Fukuoka

What is the delicious new tea of ​​Shunpo Tea Garden?

  • Q.01 What is new tea?
  • Q.02 What are the advantages of purchasing from Shunpo Tea Garden instead of from the production area?
  • Q.03 What is the difference between Shunpo Tea Garden's fresh tea and other fresh tea?

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