"Together with the drops of the moon"

With each passing day, I could feel the atmosphere of autumn.

At the end of the 15th century, Ashikaga Yoshimasa built "Ginkaku" in Higashiyama, Kyoto City.

It is also known as "Phantom Moon Palace" and is designed so that the moon can be seen well from any direction.

This month, October 20th is the night near the full moon, the thirteenth night.

In those days, the seven autumn herbs (Japanese pampas grass, clover, camphor, dianthus, ominaeshi, fujibakama, and bellflower) might have been decorated and used for moon viewing.

Autumn is now coming down to our Shunho tea garden.

Autumn limited tea "Tsuki no Shizuku".

Sweet, rich in flavor and fragrant, the tea that spreads in your mouth when you take a sip makes you feel autumn and immerse yourself in happiness.

The autumn night sky is clear, and the number of days when the moon and stars are clearly visible is increasing.

Thinking that people must have enjoyed moon viewing in those days, and looking at the beautiful night sky of the moon, "moon drops"

Why don't you enjoy it with your family?

The Moon Rabbit might be dancing too! !


"Tsuki no Shizuku" , Shunpo tea garden's autumn-only storehouse tea!!

How about with the moon rabbit (lol)