Together with Chacha Cookie! !

In Hokkaido, the first snow fell 6 days earlier than last year, autumn is short, and it seems that winter is approaching soon before you can see the autumn leaves.

It's going to be a day where you can feel the cold more and more.

In such a case, why not enjoy tea time with warm tea and tea leaf-shaped cookies (called chacha cookies)! ?

The long-awaited revival of Chacha Cookie , which has been well received by customers, is finally here.

A delicious chacha cookie with plenty of new tea leaves and a good tea flavor. Why don't you drink pure domestic black tea with that chacha cookie! ?

Speaking of black tea, Europe such as the UK is the home, but Shunpo tea garden also has purely domestic black tea produced in Shizuoka Prefecture.

There is little astringency and a gentle fragrance, and it is a black tea that you should definitely enjoy straight.

How about spending a relaxing tea time with your family with a different kind of Japanese black tea and chacha cookies? Would you like to warm your heart and body in the cold winter?