Shizuoka Prefectural Governor Award Winner! !

At flower shops, cyclamen and poinsettia add gorgeous color.

The Shunpo Tea Garden Sakuras store will soon celebrate its first anniversary!

I am full of gratitude and joy to everyone who supports Shunpo Tea Garden on a daily basis.

And another gratitude and joy, the designated producer of Shunpo tea garden

At this year's Shizuoka Tea Fair, we won the Shizuoka Prefecture Governor's Award.

Once it passes through your throat, the umami slowly spreads in your mouth.

It is a very tasty tea with a rich aroma that runs through the back of your nose.

2nd and 3rd roasting, this tea has a strong taste and is satisfying to drink.

In commemoration of the first anniversary, we are waiting for you with bargain products.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come and visit Shunho tea garden! And please taste the famous tea of ​​the valuable fair.


PS: For now, if you order by phone, we can ship the tea that won the Shizuoka Prefecture Governor's Award!

Please feel free to contact us.

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