Recruitment ended at the end of September 2015. (We will update this when we are hired.)

Recruitment ended in September 2015!
Thank you very much.

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Notice of Recruitment of Chunpo Tea Garden Staff

This time, we are looking for friends who can share the wonderfulness of tea together.

Place of work: 4253-1 Totsukacho Sakurasu Totsuka 1F Shunpo Tea Garden Main Store

Occupation: Sales manufacturing staff

Contents of work Sales, packaging, processing of Japanese tea, wrapping of gift products, hospitality of tea

Working hours: Saturday and Sunday work is possible, around 8 hours from 9:30 to 21:00
(We will work according to your wishes as much as possible. Please contact us.)

Working days: Negotiable

Hourly wage: 900 yen ~ Training period (about 3 months) 870 yen

Preferred member

A bright and energetic person who likes Japanese tea.
Those who value "smile", "greeting" and "hospitality", and value teamwork and consideration.


I am also applying to the employment security office.
Once decided, we may not be able to meet your request.

Thank you for your understanding.