Today from yesterday, tomorrow from today. Cherish every day and be polite!

It's getting cooler today, and more and more people are drinking hot tea.

There were many people who purchased autumn-only tea.

And a gift for those who could not convey their feelings on Respect for the Aged Day

I also received your order.

We drink tea every day and are always tasting.

Because tea is "alive".

And as the seasons change, our “how we perceive taste” changes.

Daily tasting and efforts to make it even more delicious.

"Daily Confirmation Work & Daily Ingenuity"

It's obvious, but I especially feel that this is very important.

It's not something special, it's about polishing the present.

Not only the quality of the tea, but also my way of thinking, my company, my society, everything!

I'll do my best with "everything thorough and always working hard"! !