through work experience

We have been accepting work experience from junior high school students for a long time.

From mid-February, we accepted three times in a row.

Even though we are in the same second year of junior high school, we naturally have different personalities and behaviors.

What I always worry about is

It is to convey our company's way of thinking in the same way as the newly hired staff.

It is to convey the importance of "smiles, greetings, cleaning" and "ingenuity".

If you can do the above four points perfectly, you will be a person with wonderful humanity.

However, most people do not realize the importance of these four points.

Neither our company nor I am perfect.

That's why I preach that it's important to practice, be aware that it's important, and do your work.

Thanks to the students who worked this time, I can go back to fresher again.

Thank you to all the students who came!

Takanori Goto