The season for this year's popular cold tea "Hamakaze" has arrived! !


It's hot and cold, and the temperature difference is intense, but

It's hot today!

For some reason, ice-brewed tea is becoming a hot topic on social media...?

On a day like this, you'll want a cold cup of tea!

I'm sure some of you know this, but...

We also have cold water tea at our store! ! !

Moreover, it is possible to drink immediately on the spot without waiting

It is one of the recommended points!


That season has arrived again this year! !

If you want to stay cool in the hot summer...

With that in mind, I would like to introduce this to everyone ♪♪

It's really delicious and very popular!

Its name is "Hamakaze" cold brewed tea! ! !

There are two convenient types available.

For the tea leaf type, put the tea leaves in a pot with a filter or a teapot.

Just mix it in water or ice water!

Caffeine-free cold-brewed green tea ``Hamakaze'' 200g pack *No mail delivery

For the tea bag type, put the tea bag in a container that holds water.

Just wait for about 5 minutes and use chopsticks or a spoon to squeeze it out! !

Hamakaze tea bag 5g x 10

Both are really easy! It takes very little effort! !

Even for those who are concerned about caffeine, almost no caffeine is extracted by cold brewing.

You can drink with confidence ♪

If you are drinking a bottle of tea, I'd like you to drink it once!

We are also introducing the tasting at the shop.

The rumored cold tea! Please try our "Hamakaze" by all means♪