color story

The color of the cherry blossoms along the Kashio River in Totsuka has changed, and the autumn leaves are at their peak.

There are probably many people who are planning to go autumn leaf viewing around this weekend.

When we think of autumn leaves, we think of red and yellow colors, but the Japanese color names were

A delicate sense of beauty is entrusted to it, and the colors of autumn leaves seem to be expressed in subtle and diverse shades.

Brilliant pale pink close to vermillion ・・・・・・Shukairo

A color that expresses the color of vermillion and vermillion ・・・・・・・Ginshu

Brilliant reddish-yellow color derived from the color of the orange fruit

Reddish dazzling yellow・・・Amber color

And so on... In Japanese, there is a word that was born only to express color.

It is said that there are only four: white, black, red and blue. Subsequent color names include

Many of them are derived from plants and animals.

Bring your heart close to the changing scenery of the four seasons, a unique Japanese experience

I can see that you have cultivated a rich sense of beauty.

When I talk about the color of tea, the green color of the chlorophyll contained in green tea is

It is said to have a soothing effect on the human optic nerve. Certainly, the color of beautiful tea is

Just looking at it will heal you somehow.

It may be that the color makes you feel relieved when you drink tea.

Now, if ancient people saw tea from Shunpo Tea Garden, what kind of name would they give it?