Scent with a tea incense burner! !

It's the middle of December and it's getting colder and colder.

Illumination lights are very beautiful in the city.

Illumination in your eyes! How about the scent of tea to soothe your heart?

Change your thinking a little from always drinking delicious tea

Why don't you be healed by the scent of tea using "tea incense burner"! !

The scent that rises from ripening tea leaves is green tea scent,

There is a roasted incense that comes from ripe hojicha, which is said to have a relaxing effect.

When you want to relax at night or when you are concerned about the smell of the room,

And if you burn it before your guests come, the smoke has a deodorizing effect, so it will be a treat along with the scent.

In addition, the scent of green tea soothes eye strain.

In addition, green tea is used in a variety of ways, including fragrances, lotions, and incense.

In addition to the "tea incense burner", the Shunpo tea garden main store also has a teapot, tea bowl,

We also carry a large selection of mugs. Stop by the store and

Isn't it fun to pick it up and look at it! !

Please stretch your legs and go out

We are waiting for you with delicious tea.