◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin October/November 2011 Issue No. 10 11/11/30

◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin October /November 2011 Issue Volume 10 11/11/30

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This is the sincerity communication of Shunpo Tea Garden, a Japanese tea specialty store in Yokohama.

We value fresh taste, health and safety,

We will create a wonderful future through tea!

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It's been 1 months since I've been in the middle of a long time.

This year has been a year in which unexpected events have occurred one after another since the earthquake.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm hospitality.

I believe that the true strength of the heart is tested during difficult times.

And everyone will support each other and live and grow together

It's been a year since I felt the importance of ′′ the heart of gratitude.

The philosophy of creating a wonderful future through tea was born from a “heart of gratitude”.

We will continue to do our best to be a tea shop that will please everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

Takanori Goto

★This time, we would like to introduce our ongoing efforts.

1 2011 New Year's gift catalog

"Impression that can only be tasted with the real thing" has been completed!

The 2011 year-end gift and New Year's greetings catalog has been completed and is being distributed at stores.

This year, we will focus on the popular No. 1 “Sencha Hitotoki”, as well as seasonal limited items “Haku no Hana” and “Fukucha”.

And, as much as possible recommended products such as rare hand-picked tea “Zuiho” and “ Magokoro

I made it easy to understand.

You can also purchase it from the website, so please take a look.

2011 year-end gifts and New Year's greetings recommended items

2. I 'm late in contacting you, but... I was introduced in the Kanagawa Shimbun!

slow! ! I think I can hear everyone saying...

Our company was introduced in the Kanagawa Shimbun on October 30th.

The Kanagawa Shimbun introduced Shunho Tea Garden! !

This post was also introduced by a good relationship with a wonderful person.

We are working hard every day to meet your expectations!

3 Passed the Japanese Tea Instructor/Advisor!

Take the challenge of taking the Japanese tea instructor/advisor exam this year

Our staff took on the challenge, but thanks to you, we became advisors.

I was able to pass!

At our company, we want to learn about tea so that we can enjoy drinking tea with our customers.

I am challenging myself with my way of thinking. And easy to understand the wonderfulness of tea

I wish I could tell you! !

Japanese Tea Instructor Association: http://www.nihoncha-inst.com/

4 I'm going to do it all the time!

" We are giving tea to children born this year!"

Tea has long been regarded as a source of good health and longevity.

There are really various events this year since the earthquake,

Children are the ones who make the future.

Although it is small at our shop, as a birthday celebration,

We are offering Kotobuki Hojicha.

Please introduce us even if you were born in the neighborhood!

For more information: Shunpo Tea Garden Diary Blog


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Finally, blogs, Twitter, and this e-mail magazine are out of date.

I am very sorry. I have to send information to everyone honestly and frequently.

I feel that it will not.

Every day, I talk with customers at the store and have a wonderful experience,

I drink a variety of teas every day, so I have a lot to say.

in famous words

“When you change your mindset, you change your behavior. When you change your behavior, you change your habits.

If you change your habits, you change your personality. If you change your character, you change your destiny. ”

I want to cherish this e-mail magazine and change my consciousness!

Thank you for reading to the end!

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We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Shunpo Tea Garden Co., Ltd. Takanori Goto

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FAX 045-864-6661



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