sharing happiness

In fact, at Sakuras Totsuka from Christmas Eve to today,

We had a big raffle for those who were shopping.

When a voice echoes near the shop, "I got it! Karankoron!"

It's very exciting and makes you feel happy.

Even at our store, we announced that "We are holding a lottery until today, so please try it!"

A lottery after customers who often purchase from us

Oh my God!

I won a first-class travel ticket! !

The customer politely returned to our company.

"Wait... I hit it!!"

At first, we thought that we forgot to give something.

“Isn’t it great!! (Big applause!!!)”

We had a very happy and fun time together.

After that I will also tell other customers

"When I bought our tea, I won the first prize!!"

I took advantage of it! !

It makes me happy to see people happy with anything.

It's nice to be able to work in a happy mood! !


Takanori Goto