The popular teas "Zuiho", "Magokoro", "Yasuragi" and "Hitotoki" from "Shunpo Chaen", a specialty store for Japanese tea in Totsuka, Yokohama, have become new teas for 2012!

Thank you for waiting, everyone! !

Popular tea from "Japanese tea specialty store Shunpo Chaen" in Totsuka, Yokohama

"Zuiho", "Magokoro", "Yasuragi", and "Hitotoki" became new tea in 2012!

* "Zuiho" and "Magokoro" will be delivered in limited new tea bags,

Different packaging. note that.

This year,

"Zuiho" is a tea of ​​Hachijuhachiya, picked on May 1st.

"Magokoro" is tea for children's day, which is picked on May 5th.

"Yasuragi" and "Hitotoki" will be the tea picked on May 6th.

Every tea has become a very characteristic tea!

Please try to compare and find your favorite tea.

We are waiting for your opinions and impressions! !

Shunpo Tea Garden Takanori Goto