Our company is a certified store for measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

As of August 1, in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus,

Open until 20:00,

◯ Restrictions on entry during busy times
◯ Set up partitions for cash registers, etc.
◯ Wear a mask, etc.
◯ Hand washing and hand disinfection
◯ Disinfection of equipment, etc.
◯ Sufficient ventilation
◯ Use cashless payment or coin tray
◯ Providing information on the status of infection outbreaks

We are doing business.

In addition, the Shunpou Cafe will be open until 18:30.

Also, rich matcha ice cream cannot be served after 17:30. (May be sold out before 17:30)

In order to have you eat fresh items, there is a limit to the number of sales per day.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
We are looking forward to your use and visit.